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I really shouldn’t be trusted

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I had breakfast with a friend I hadn’t seen for months this morning. Actually a group of friends, for we were joined at break fast’s close by several more, a party of two becoming a party of four in a humble Greek diner, Jamaica, Queens, New York.

“So Johnno, is this going to go in your blog” asked the new arrival?

“Of course not” I intoned, wondering silently how he knew I even have a blog—does this mean my ‘fame’ is spreading?

My quicker than an order of home fries rejoinder was lost however with the appearance of a waitress…

“I only write about inspiring things!”

He didn’t hear me, but it was besides the point. I really shouldn’t be trusted.

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By Jaitra

Jaitra is a New York based designer with a love of writing and a practise of meditation. A member of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre, he attempted poetry once and keeps on practicing writing.

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