Your mind has been transported back in time… and to Mars

After ranting about the lack intelligence, thought or anything else vaguely resembling human consciousness in the comments posted at youtube recently, I have to admit an exception to the rule of my thumb. The following are a selection of comments posted about a cartoon called Adventure Time, and in the absence of an already written soliloquy about childhood as the true state of being, including references to Sri Chinmoy and the poet Wordsworth, their quotes will just have to do.

auracom1: Sadly some people need drugs to be imaginative. This is such a sophisticated animation for today’s standards. It embodies pure ingenuous imagination, fun to watch, and appeals to varied audience. I don’t think this should be on Adult Swim, it’s too good for that.
blakeyblakes: nick toons meet crack cocaine. WHOA!!! ALGRBRAIC!
lollermachine: You don’t have to be on drugs to be imaginative.
: I’ve never seen anything more amazing in my life. Nothing will ever, EVER be worthwhile watching compared to this!! X3
:“Your mind has been transported back in time… and to Mars.” —best thing on Youtube ever.

Rumour has it that Viacom is taking this video down from youtube shortly, so get in quickly to see possibly the most amazing cartoon ever!

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