May 11, 2007 4 Comments funny, new zealand

We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are’s recent musings on Englishness, or eccentricity really—for the two in this particular instance are painted indistinguishable—has led me directly to ponder come celebrate the woolly-brained, cockamamie qualities of my own nation, perhaps not so distant in heart from England—all be we as distant as it is possible geographically.

Not so distant in blood either. New Zealand was fifty percent settled by migrants from“Old Blighty,” a key difference of these shaky, Antipodean Isles from colonial Australia, and the origin of our“New Zild” accent, with it’s flattened“i” and resemblance to the dialects of southern England of several hundred years ago.

To celebrate New Zealand’s eccentricity, and the British progenitor from which it directly descends, here then is the unofficial anthem of New Zealand, We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are, as sung/performed by comedian and cultural icon John Clarke a.k.a. Fred Dagg, and featuring almost everybody who is anybody in New Zealand, including:

  • one Prime Minister,
  • one leader of a political party,
  • a cricket legend,
  • a New Zealand cricket captain,
  • a rugby legend,
  • an All Black captain,

and actors and artists too numerous and not famous to mention.

God Defend New Zealand indeed.

(If you spot anybody else in the video, or want to try naming any the above, don’t be shy and leave a comment).

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