The Good Old Days

I try to avoid politics as a rule. Which is not to say that I am apolitical. Or above an interest in the machinations of rule, or even blind to the massive impact that the powerful have upon our world. But I have learnt, through long, wild-eyed ranting and experience, to put my blood pressure ahead of my spleen.

Yes, I enjoy a well-meaning, idealistic monologue on the state of world more than the next person, and therefore find it prudent, given my oft-stated predilection for activities promoting inner self interest and abiding calm, to steer clear of their antithesis—the pursuit of selfish interest, power and ideology—the usual players in the prime-time political masquerade.

Still, as any student of Advaita Non-Dualism will tell you, every rule admits of an exception, and the following is a particularly brilliant one—a self-depracating, extremely funny video made by President Bill Clinton, or as he was known at the time,“The World’s Most Powerful Man,” during his final days in office in the year 2000.

Which really seems like a long time ago now.

“Ah, the good old days… (sigh!)”

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  • alf
    Posted at 20:21h, 15 May

    cute film 😀

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