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I discovered a new website today; new to me and to the rest of the world, for much like this site it has only just started., named after its owner, is dedicated to and I quote:

“…to the spirit of serendipity: finding good-fortune from unexpected sources; discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the new in the familiar, fueled by the sense that all we need is already within us—we only need learn how to look…”

I’m definitely in favour of these sentiments; in fact I think my last post was about them. Now that’s serendipitous!

In the spirit of serendipity I am now going to post a comment by Sri Chinmoy on rainbows, found by myself in exactly this spirit:

“A rainbow is composed of seven colours and seven rays. A rainbow always means success and progress at the same time, even if that success and progress are not in the outer world. A rainbow signifies success, progress, divine victory—everything positive. When you see a rainbow, in the outer world you may not observe your success, but in the inner world, progress has taken place or is about to take place. Again, if it is not destined for you to have success or progress, then you are not going to see a rainbow. Even if the rainbow is there, you will be looking somewhere else. When you are walking, you will be looking at your feet to keep your balance. The rainbow will be there in the sky, but you will miss it. Then for you there will be no success, no progress. If you are meant to have success or progress, then even while driving the car, you will turn your gaze and you will see it. But if you are not going to make progress, you will be looking somewhere else. So always look at the sky. Do not look at the ground all the time.”

From Sri Chinmoy Answers, pt9.

Now that I think of it, I haven’t seen a rainbow in a while…

  • Sumangali Morhall
    Posted at 09:59h, 21 February

    Thanks John-Paul for this serendipitous post. Very interesting site you have here, and with an excellent name I must say.

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