Sell your soul for SEO

So it’s time to vote in the Daily Blog Tips Blog Project: Three, choose a top 3 from no less than 115 entries. O.k. 114, because I don’t think I’ll get away with voting for my own entry, Me and three.

I must say I had some difficulty wading through all the “Top 3 Ways To Sell Your SEO”—or is that sell your soul?—style of entries, which is not to say they were badly written, or even plain bad, only not my cup of chai tea.

So, with much further to do, I should really get to the point and write my list, choose my top 3—necessary for my continued participation in the contest despite my aversion to writing such: “I Hate Lists And So Should You.” Oh, and thanks to those who have already voted for me—my fragile writer’s ego is appreciative.

  1. Top 3 Things Kermit The Frog Can Teach You About Blogging (and Life) by Dee.
    As Dee relates, it’s not easy being green, and top marks to her for telling us why.
  2. 3 Secrets of Writing for Blogs by Tejvan.
    Lists are definitely o.k. when about writing—one of my favourite topics of all.
  3. Three reasons to try a marathon by Shane.
    I’m training for a marathon at the moment, and carbo-loading as well—although no doubt Shane would tell me that buckets of pasta are for the final week of training—so this article on why you should run 26.2 miles and enjoy it gets my vote, and appreciation.

Although not in my top three, Graham Richardson also gets a mention simply for writing about dead bridges—Memorials to three dead bridges. Why? Because they were (once) there…

And another mention for his second entry in the contest, Three bad foods that are really good. Mmm, hot chips! Do I perhaps need help with my desire for lard-coated goodness? Apparently not according to Graham:

“If you are walking near a chip shop – you will feel hungry. Your body will tell you that it needs some chips. If it doesn’t then you need help.”

Talking of deep-fryers and fat covered fat, I am reminded of a flatmate many years ago, who liked to prove his “toughness” by pulling chips out of boiling oil with bare fingers—“Na, doesn’t bother me,” he would say, “I’m tough as nails.” Come to think of it now, he probably did need help.

  • Princess Banter
    Posted at 23:26h, 16 July

    How about making a Top 3 Reasons To Not Make A List? Naaah, I live for lists… I’m one of those people who go all obsessive-compulsive without those lists 😉

  • Jaitra Gillespie
    Posted at 17:23h, 17 July

    Thanks Princess Banter. I did kind of try, but each point kept on getting too long, and I never made it to the final one.

  • savannah
    Posted at 16:29h, 19 July

    had to check the blog project out first, sugar…interesting assignment…i make lists if i have a series of things that must be accomplished that day…carry it with me and strike off each completed thing…if it’s not done, i circle it and start a new list for the next day….or not 😉

  • Jaitra Gillespie
    Posted at 16:54h, 21 July

    That sounds far too organised for me Savannah!

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