Hero Rabbit Saves Humans From House Fire


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Hero Rabbit Saves Humans From House Fire

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Proving that man’s best friend may sometimes have a twitching nose and cute button tail, a pet rabbit is being credited with saving its owners from a house fire in southeastern Alaska. The not at all rascally rabbit woke the owner of both house and pet early in the morning by scratching on her chest, […]

Walt Whitman: Make no puns

Make no puns funny remarks Double entendres “witty” remarks ironies Sarcasms Only that which is simply earnest meant, —harmless to anyone’s feelings —unadorned unvarnished nothing to excite a laugh silence silence silence silence laconic taciturn. –Walt Whitman instructs himself in an 1855-56 notebook about the Second Edition of Leaves of Grass.

Q, R, Cookie Monster…

Childhood favourite Kermit the Frog shows that not only kittens and puppies can be cute, as he counts through the letters of the alphabet with a young human who likes cookies.

Tribute to Pranavanta

Australian Sri Chinmoy Centre member and painter Pranavanta John Montefiore passed away recently. Art critic, university lecturer, illustrator and exhibited seven times, Pranavanta was also an author 30 years in the making—his magnum opus on painting The Making of Paintings published in 2007. Like spirituality in today’s unashamedly material world, Pranavanta the author remains mostly […]

Pavaka in Japan

Canadian musician and meditation-rocker Pavaka Ritchot recently toured Japan as a part of the Songs of the Soul concerts, performing in Tokyo, Kamakura and Kyoto. Pavaka, a student of meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy, performs music composed by the late Indian spiritual master, and has released two albums of these melodies. Learn more about Pavaka and […]

Same Height Party

Welcome to a same-height party. Where the playing field of absurdity is levelled, and everybody can look equally ridiculous. Soon to be an same-IQ party as well, by the look of the beverages being consumed. Personally, I think I would prefer to remain self-conscious and short, than be self-conscious and short on style.