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Hero Rabbit Saves Humans From House Fire

super rabbit bugs bunny

Proving that man’s best friend may sometimes have a twitching nose and cute button tail, a pet rabbit is being credited with saving its owners from a house fire in southeastern Alaska.

The not at all rascally rabbit woke the owner of both house and pet early in the morning by scratching on her chest, the Ketchikan Fire Department said in a statement. Realising that the house was full of smoke—and not the kind that makes carrots even more delicious—the homeowner woke her daughter and fled.

The fire was brought under control fairly quickly, and while damage to the house was considered moderate—and damage to humans non-existent—the heroic house pet was not so lucky, succumbing to smoke inhalation at the scene according to the fire department.

Source: Reuters

  • jewel
    Posted at 23:28h, 30 September

    The pet rabbit is being credited by the owners..I salute you your a hero..This is very inspiring to all.Hope a lot like this..

  • ruby@carpet cleaning ames iowa
    Posted at 02:45h, 12 October

    Your pet rabbit is an amazing hero… We should give credit to the rabbit’s characteristics on things like that… Thank you for sharing.

  • Amy Guild
    Posted at 05:08h, 02 May

    The great pet sacrifice it’s life to save people. This is the first time heard that a rabbit has done such things. Salute from Ireland Gourmet Food Tour

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