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thousandeyethousandeye, or Alf to his friends, wins this week’s Comment of the Week Award—an all expenses paid link to and mention of his own site—the once semi-flippant and whimsical but fast becoming deep and poetic thousandeye—check out his heart-on-sleeve and words-on-leaves poetry (you’ll understand if you visit) before he becomes famous and haughty (or would that be “one-eyed?”)

A regular kind purveyor of comments, Alf went well beyond the call of readership, not only providing the following serendipitous link, Dog gets Purple Heart for saving kids, letting me know that George the Hero Terrier that deserved a medal actually got one (a heart-warming story in its own right as postscript to one already so), but was kind enough to leave one of his worthy poems for us all to read:

I have never been a cat person but dogs are definitely special.

Reminds me of a poem I once wrote about my dog:

Faith, my friend,
You always come to me
With new eyes.

Will I one day be an old man whose major conversational gambit is,“…reminds me of a poem I once wrote…”?

PS The dog was called Katie, not Faith!

Also deserving of a mention as regular commentators and—I hope this isn’t an assumption too far—readers of A Sensitivity to Things are:

  • Shardul of KiwiCelt, who would have won the prize last week for some recollections of the 1970s—a time I can write about but not substantively remember—prompted by an eccentric walk down memory lane masquerading as a tour of patriotism, if I had but remembered that a weekly award needs to be awarded weekly;
  • Larry of Mental Blog, who claims to be“better on paper than in person,” and judging by the quality of his blog and comments here who am I to dispute him;
  • Camille of Now, who has been posting comments since before comments were deserving;
  • Tejvan of, whose commenting style is faster than the cycling individual pursuit;
  • and finally, Sumangali of In the Spirit of Serendipity, whose comments are to be appreciated almost as much as her serendipitous blog.

No doubt I am missing a few worthy mentions, but in the spirit of reverse psychology, a glaring omission may just encourage your continued submission…

Postscript: I installed the DoFollow WordPress plugin today on the semi-recommendation of NetWriting, which should further encourage those interested in search engine standing, if not good karma and authorial appreciation, to comment here at A Sensitivity to Things.

  • R.Pettinger
    Posted at 22:17h, 18 May

    Good stuff, John.


    Will you be accepting comments from Mr Credit Card to my Mortgage Blog? 😀

  • Jaitra Gillespie
    Posted at 22:23h, 18 May

    If suitably witty or insightful, even Mr Credit Card may become a contestant in the Comment of the Weekâ„¢ prize draw 😉

  • Richard
    Posted at 07:32h, 19 May

    I shall try to think of something suitably witty or insightful, but I think it’s rather difficult for such a subject…

  • savannah
    Posted at 09:41h, 19 May

    always something enlightening to read ..a link, and this time more than one, to something new and fresh..thank you, john

  • Jaitra Gillespie
    Posted at 10:21h, 19 May

    Thanks Richard for the comment—but come on, a bad commenter blames his author 😉 You’ve got six more chances, however, or less, depending on my blogging efficacy, to impress before the next winner will be drawn.

    Thank you also Savannah. Luckily you don’t have MyBlogLog installed (or MyBlogStalker as I prefer to call it), or you’d know I haven’t been visiting your blog as often as I should—this writing thing can be all consuming at times 🙂

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