Q, R, Cookie Monster…

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Childhood favourite Kermit the Frog shows that not only kittens and puppies can be cute, as he counts through the letters of the alphabet with a young human who likes cookies.

3 thoughts on “Q, R, Cookie Monster…

  1. Cadouri says:

    Hehehe, that’s very cute. I remember all the childhood heroes, they were all very cute, our childhood superstars. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Noivedya says:

    I’m just impressed that the little girl was so natural with Kermit, especially as she presumably could see the hand underneath him.

    Maybe we can ask her about that. Not sure of the date of that clip, but I’m guessing she’d now be around… 43?

  3. Jaitra says:

    Thanks Noivedya! As an official Real Top Talented Published Author and Journalist, I really hope you do get to ask Kermit’s now not so young friend this question!

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