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Kokoro No Tomo (bosom friend)

Eighty-five years old next week, Donald Keene is a man described as having done more for Japanese literature and culture than anybody in the world. A former wartime translator, author of 25 books in English and 30 books in Japanese, he is Professor Emeritus of Japanese Literature at Columbia University and holder of eight honorary […]

Me me me

There’s something to this meme thing. Dinner from a can is so much easier than chopped, boiled and strained, and whether ready-lifted from the shelves of another or in a packet, I’ll take my inspiration where I can, especially in times when words home-made are rare. Camille of Now wrote recently of a Favourite Post […]

Thirteen Facts About Me as a Child

I checked the Thursday Thirteen meme out a while ago, and I must say that I didn’t get it at first. Unlike other memes, which in the blogging sense mean being tagged by someone else to participate in a conversation which, much like the only invented in the seventies moniker, resembles an idea spreading and […]

Deserving of Comment

thousandeye, or Alf to his friends, wins this week’s Comment of the Week Award—an all expenses paid link to and mention of his own site—the once semi-flippant and whimsical but fast becoming deep and poetic thousandeye—check out his heart-on-sleeve and words-on-leaves poetry (you’ll understand if you visit) before he becomes famous and haughty (or would […]

Comment of the Week

Larry Keiler of Mental Blog has just won my inaugural comment of the week competition. Apologies for the lack of warning but, seeing as this blog is dedicated to—and occasionally written in—the spirit of meditation, if you weren’t on the same wave length, well… better luck next time. Larry’s prize? A mention—in fact a word-for-word […]

Putting the World Write

A friend of mine has just started a new site for writing and blogging advice: www.netwriting.co.uk. A prolific writer, he turns out articles at the rate I write paragraphs, putting words on the page faster than a competitive road cyclist cycles—his main, off-line pursuit. Ok, so that last analogy was a little forced, but I’m […]

Bad, bad, so very bad…

I’ve been avoiding doing this for a while. Almost ten years in fact. It has been a decade since I first discovered poetry—probably a little later than most in truth. No longer an angst ridden teenager but still angst ridden, I was in my early twenties and the right side of a university arts degree—not […]