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Football Zen

Football and the art of meditation, a photo sublime on more levels than playing fields, by sublime photographer Pavitrata Taylor. If you see art, try to see the Artist inside it. You will do this only by taking them as one. When you see art, you will feel that inside the art there is something […]

Respect the ball

Already at work, early morning here in New Zealand and trying to do a spot of writing before the day proper begins, I had half an eye on the World Cup Rugby, a live game being played between Scotland and Romania—I, the world’s most lukewarm rugby fan snatching a few seconds here and there, eyes […]

From the Spiritual Home of Rugby

Ah, the Rugby World Cup is here, and New Zealand played its first game today… Can you detect the uncertain tone in my voice? The slight reserve, pause before speaking that belies I am of two minds? For of this simple, four-yearly sporting event, I have decidedly mixed feelings. Lace up your boots, tape up […]

Personal Worst

It’s been just over 48 hours since I walked, ran but mostly limped a marathon, and I think I’ve recovered now enough to string a few thoughts together—I’ve almost stopped limping. It was my worst ever effort. I haven’t kept count over the years of how many marathons I have run—somewhere in the low double […]

Wish me luck

Your self-transcendence-marathon Has shattered the summitless pride Of your ruthless life-devouring dragon. Sri Chinmoy Excerpt from Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 23 Wish me luck, because I’m running a marathon tomorrow. I may need it. It’s been three years since I last ran a marathon, and the pain of that race has dulled just a little. […]

Probably not a good sign

I got hit in the head the other day. Never having been concussed before, it’s hard to say whether I was, or in fact still am, but having headaches two days later probably isn’t a good sign. Boys will be boys as they say—grown men as well. On holiday and playing a game of frisbee, […]