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Make your writing effortless

Having written all of half a dozen blog posts in a handful of months, it might seem likely a less than timely time to write about how to make one’s writing effortless, but maybe this is a kind of reverse serendipity—for right now effortless writing is just what I need. Read on—where these seven ideas […]

The day the gods go on holiday

In the Indian spiritual tradition, mahasamadhi is the state of leaving one’s body consciously—a willful, self-caused death that is not really a death, but a permanent union with the limitless consciousness realised while inside the body. One can only enter mahasamadhi it is said, if the non-dual state of nirvikalpa samadhi has been attained, a […]

The Seeker-Writer, and expressing God in words

Sumangali Morhall of Sumangali.org recently wrote a fine play in rhyming verse, The Seeker-Writer, based on a short story of the same name by meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy—“a humorous story with a spiritual lesson behind it” as she describes it. Despite my being a few days late in responding—not to mention several months late in […]

Respect the ball

Already at work, early morning here in New Zealand and trying to do a spot of writing before the day proper begins, I had half an eye on the World Cup Rugby, a live game being played between Scotland and Romania—I, the world’s most lukewarm rugby fan snatching a few seconds here and there, eyes […]

Personal Worst

It’s been just over 48 hours since I walked, ran but mostly limped a marathon, and I think I’ve recovered now enough to string a few thoughts together—I’ve almost stopped limping. It was my worst ever effort. I haven’t kept count over the years of how many marathons I have run—somewhere in the low double […]

Wish me luck

Your self-transcendence-marathon Has shattered the summitless pride Of your ruthless life-devouring dragon. Sri Chinmoy Excerpt from Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 23 Wish me luck, because I’m running a marathon tomorrow. I may need it. It’s been three years since I last ran a marathon, and the pain of that race has dulled just a little. […]