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Personal Worst

It’s been just over 48 hours since I walked, ran but mostly limped a marathon, and I think I’ve recovered now enough to string a few thoughts together—I’ve almost stopped limping. It was my worst ever effort. I haven’t kept count over the years of how many marathons I have run—somewhere in the low double […]

Wish me luck

Your self-transcendence-marathon Has shattered the summitless pride Of your ruthless life-devouring dragon. Sri Chinmoy Excerpt from Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 23 Wish me luck, because I’m running a marathon tomorrow. I may need it. It’s been three years since I last ran a marathon, and the pain of that race has dulled just a little. […]

Winner talks small

“I’m a winner!” Forgive me my fist pumping, flag waving and shouting into the air. I won a competition the other day. I haven’t won anything in a while. There was a drawing competition when I was eleven; a pencil crafted picture submitted to a national children’s television show the winner of a logo emblazoned […]

Six Endearing Idiosyncrasies

Jennifer of Goodness Graciousness, a long time reader and worthy author in her own right, has tagged me in the Six Weird Things meme. Only six? Even just a short list, you know I could never refuse… Actually I prefer her word for weird things—idiosyncrasies. Nobody likes to be called a weirdo. Although relatively new […]


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows opens, or more accurately is preceded, by two poems. The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus, and More Fruits of Solitude by William Penn. The Libation Bearers Oh, the torment bred in the race, the grinding scream of death and the stroke that hits the vein, the haemorrhage none can staunch, […]

On the fringes exist soulful whispers

Music has always been very important to me. The moments in my life when I have lacked inspiration have also been lacking in music; to each and every part of my life worth remembering, there is a soundtrack playing. I almost always wake in the mornings with a song playing in my head; the better […]

Me and three

Daily Blog Tips is hosting a competition, and inviting writers to submit a post involving the number three. The following is my entry—can you tell I wrote it in three minutes (give or take an hour)? * * * I have a minor speech impediment involving the number three. For reasons more complex than counting […]