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The Urban Dictionary

Juvenile most of the time, reviled some of the time, but never banal, the Urban Dictionary provides an alternative take on the everyday, and the night-time in-between. It is dressed downwards of mature sometimes, maybe most of the time, but that is why it is the “urban” dictionary—just like a city, you do not visit […]

From Out of the Ether a Golden Egg

Sri Chinmoy by Pavitrata TaylorOne normally apologises when one has been inadvertently amiss in something, and recently I have been very amiss—my writing here at A Sensitivity to Things literally missing in action, very much to my own regret—for in its absence I miss writing like near nothing else. But how does one say sorry, […]

Beautiful Moments in Film #1: Dedication

Dedication (2007) by Justin Theroux Rudy: That’s life Henry. Henry: Yep. Rudy: You know what life is? Henry: Life is a horrible little giggle in the midst of a forced death march towards hell. Rudy: No it isn’t. Henry: An interminable wail of grief… Rudy: No! Life is a single skip for joy. Henry: (sigh) […]

Daily Blog Tips Blog Writing Contest

With the deadline fast approaching in the Daily Blog Tips Blog Writing Contest, the time has come to submit my own favourites, chosen from the final list of 122 submissions (Disclaimer: I may not have fully read them all). In no particular order I enjoyed reading: Tips for Interval Training by Shane. I realy should […]

Winner talks small

“I’m a winner!” Forgive me my fist pumping, flag waving and shouting into the air. I won a competition the other day. I haven’t won anything in a while. There was a drawing competition when I was eleven; a pencil crafted picture submitted to a national children’s television show the winner of a logo emblazoned […]