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Rally to Restore Sanity Live

It’s happening right now, and you can board the Peace Train via live video streaming here, a song which Yusuf a.k.a. Cat Stephens has incidentally just finished performing.

There Was a Child Went Forth

With apologies and thanks to Walt Whitman for the title lifted, a brief ode—first published in Inspiration-Letters—to the now faded, sun-filled days of childhood, and the eternal summer of meditation, where the inner child, bathed in a sunshine that will never fade, eternally plays. The journey from child to man is said to be a […]

Across the Ocean to Swim or Sink

As featured in Inspiration-Letters 17, a biographical account of a journey in search of self; a journey in search of the sunlit path. He was a bear of a man, with a bear-like, straggly grey beard, the last vestige and visage of the Rabbinical life-path his Hebrew parents had probably intended, in a preacher-like occupation—Religious […]

My Japanese Brother

A visit to a Zen monastery in Japan, meeting with a monk, more similarities than meet the eye. Hotel Mets, Ofuna, Japan. On the outskirts of Tokyo, a city that begins and then never seems to end. I am here on a whirlwind, week long visit with Sri Chinmoy and students, sharing a room with […]

Free Meditation Classes in Auckland

I can’t speak highly enough of meditation. It has truly, irrecoverably changed my life. If someone told you that you could do something for only fifteen minutes a day that would make you happier, less stressed, have more energy and be more creative, you would do it right? Why on earth wouldn’t you? Learning to […]

The Zen of the Hubble Deep Field

Find an empty space in the sky and stare into it. Anywhere. Up there, over here, left of somewhere or right of over there, it doesn’t really matter, just pick a spot and stare, stare and stare. What you find might change the very universe. And it will almost certainly blow your mind… In 1995 […]