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Six Childhood Facts

Six facts about me as a child, with due respect to Pavitrata. 1. No fast fried pleasures, please I never spent my pocket money on junk food as a child. Which is not to say that I didn’t like junk food, or to suggest merely a lack of money, but rather that spending hard earned, […]

From Out of the Ether a Golden Egg

Sri Chinmoy by Pavitrata TaylorOne normally apologises when one has been inadvertently amiss in something, and recently I have been very amiss—my writing here at A Sensitivity to Things literally missing in action, very much to my own regret—for in its absence I miss writing like near nothing else. But how does one say sorry, […]

From the Spiritual Home of Rugby

Ah, the Rugby World Cup is here, and New Zealand played its first game today… Can you detect the uncertain tone in my voice? The slight reserve, pause before speaking that belies I am of two minds? For of this simple, four-yearly sporting event, I have decidedly mixed feelings. Lace up your boots, tape up […]

Six Endearing Idiosyncrasies

Jennifer of Goodness Graciousness, a long time reader and worthy author in her own right, has tagged me in the Six Weird Things meme. Only six? Even just a short list, you know I could never refuse… Actually I prefer her word for weird things—idiosyncrasies. Nobody likes to be called a weirdo. Although relatively new […]

You made me do it

By popular request I’m going to post some poetry. Of my own. While painfully aware that one person asking isn’t the full, honest definition of popular, it is one more than enough to flatter this non-poet into poetry. And being honest, I have already used the “Look how messed up I was as a teenager […]

Me and three

Daily Blog Tips is hosting a competition, and inviting writers to submit a post involving the number three. The following is my entry—can you tell I wrote it in three minutes (give or take an hour)? * * * I have a minor speech impediment involving the number three. For reasons more complex than counting […]

Thirteen Facts About Me as a Child

I checked the Thursday Thirteen meme out a while ago, and I must say that I didn’t get it at first. Unlike other memes, which in the blogging sense mean being tagged by someone else to participate in a conversation which, much like the only invented in the seventies moniker, resembles an idea spreading and […]