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Fear has four legs and walks in circles

Rhino attack drill at Tokyo Zoo Fear has four legs, walks in circles and is covered in paper and glue in Tokyo, Japan. But is Japanese nonetheless, following the direction of public signs and never moving faster than a brisk walk. Should you meet Fear—say on an outing to the zoo—lull him into a false […]

Muppet-hand drive

Muppet makes German police look like one Muppets. Beloved children’s television puppets of the late 70’s, and slang for a grown up person who resembles one. Both definitions are true in Germany, where police have had the fur pulled over their eyes and their speed cameras—literally. Traffic police in Bayreuth, Bavaria have been made to […]

Ninja in the Woods

While I certainly remember being so bored at High School that the imaginary was a sole relief, and really did once see a student running on the roof, convinced she was a cat and chased by teachers, students in Barnegat, New Jersey went completely off the page recently, confined to class after reporting a ninja […]

The Secret of Happiness

Still searching for the secret of happiness it seems… Author and meditation teacher Jogyata Dallas suggests however that happiness can be found, and not just torn to shreds by the roadside but within—his Seven Secrets of Meditation tells you how: Seven Secrets of Meditation by Jogyata Dallas.

Hold the sausages

Here in New Zealand, where real men eat meat and real men are all you meet, vegetarianism remains the practise of people “with a sheep loose in the top paddock.” Or to lose the colloquial, in a game of marbles, the vegetarian would be missing a few. Wooly in the head myself for the last […]


Has this Burger King restaurant gone to the vege-dogs? It seems the hamburger giant and restaurant brand that promises to “have it your way” suddenly went away, and not a meat-burger on site. Perhaps minimum waged, barely aged staff were whimpering behind counters and under chairs, too afraid to “meet?” Or were they just out […]


English teachers is are everywheres, with ready red pens…