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Review: Auspicious Good Fortune by Sumangali Morhall

Sumangali Morhall presents us with a conclusion that echoes the wisdom of ancient sages quoted within her very pages: to find a spiritual master and to follow the life of inner truth is the most auspicious path of all. Auspicious Good Fortune is the highly recommended tale of that search, and furthermore, the tale of what is found.

Quickstart Guide to Meditation

Having been meditating as a student of meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy for over seventeen years now, I get asked for advice and tips on how to begin meditating so often, I thought it about time I wrote some of them down. Learning to meditate is simple Learning to meditate is both incredibly simple and incredibly […]

Japanese Doughnuts

Japanese Doughnuts by Jaitra Gillespie
With their outrageous cuteness, Japanese doughnuts will fill the hole in your stomach and your heart. From Floresta Nature Doughnuts, Kyoto, Japan.

Richard Nixon’s Meaning of Life

The 37th President of the United States, Richard Nixon, on a television screen. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)
History hasn’t been kind to President Nixon, and were you looking for insight into the meaning of life, his door would not be the first you would open. Maybe however it should be, for when he gives his version of the oft-ignored truism that money will not buy you happiness, you would be wise to […]

Nowhere Else on Earth

It seems I’ve been away from New Zealand long enough now that I am beginning to experience New Zealanders as the rest of the world does. That is disarmingly open and friendly — even innocent — and not the less charitable qualities I might once have assigned. My debit card expired, and so I called my Auckland […]