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If a tree falls on Google Maps…

If  a tree falls on Google Maps and nobody sees it fall, did it fall in the real world? An interesting conundrum explored in this short video by low-end production team The Vacationeers, whereby fictional users of a virtual world, by the click of a mouse, cause change in this world, a post-modern, Web 2.0 […]

Bressa Creeting Cake: Palm Singing

Quarter acre sections; a sky tower that doesn’t really go all the way to the sky; spotlessly clean suburbs; rolling, semi-green, semi-bald hills covered in sheep and mountain bikers; speedos for fashion rather than the beach; xylophones; a calypso beat, and druids in a city where almost nothing is older than 150 years—just some of […]

Martin Luther King Day

Today in New Zealand, the 22nd of January, it is Sir Edmund Hillary’s funeral, the final laying to rest of a national icon, and the only New Zealander to be immortalised on the face of a bank note while still alive. He was also the first person in 1953 to scale the face of Mt […]

George Clooney: Perfect, chiseled jaw for peace

Impossibly handsome A-list movie star George Clooney, whose perfectly chiseled jaw and clinically coiffured hair have sold a million movie seats and made countless other men feel insecure, has put his good looks and his heart on the line for a message seldom seen on celluloid, or real life for that matter—world peace. The 46 […]

Make your writing effortless

Having written all of half a dozen blog posts in a handful of months, it might seem likely a less than timely time to write about how to make one’s writing effortless, but maybe this is a kind of reverse serendipity—for right now effortless writing is just what I need. Read on—where these seven ideas […]