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Daily Blog Tips Blog Writing Contest

With the deadline fast approaching in the Daily Blog Tips Blog Writing Contest, the time has come to submit my own favourites, chosen from the final list of 122 submissions (Disclaimer: I may not have fully read them all). In no particular order I enjoyed reading: Tips for Interval Training by Shane. I realy should […]

5 Tips to Being Interesting

It might seem obvious, but to stand out from the crowd, be a successful writer and blogger—even a successful person for that matter—you have to be interesting. Pique people’s interest with your words or website and they will definitely come back; bore them and you will never see them again. I’ve been writing, mostly about […]

Respect the ball

Already at work, early morning here in New Zealand and trying to do a spot of writing before the day proper begins, I had half an eye on the World Cup Rugby, a live game being played between Scotland and Romania—I, the world’s most lukewarm rugby fan snatching a few seconds here and there, eyes […]


VV Cephei is an eclipsing binary star system located in the Cepheus (the King) constellation. What the? First I write about rugby, and now astronomy? I’m not deliberately trying to antogonise my readership—strangely silent since my recent piece on oval-ball madness. Let me try and explain… Binary star systems consist of two stars which orbit […]

From the Spiritual Home of Rugby

Ah, the Rugby World Cup is here, and New Zealand played its first game today… Can you detect the uncertain tone in my voice? The slight reserve, pause before speaking that belies I am of two minds? For of this simple, four-yearly sporting event, I have decidedly mixed feelings. Lace up your boots, tape up […]

The Onion

While I struggle to produce my next post, stuck between work and a hard place, regular readers may like to stop by The Onion, a newspaper which, like the vegetable namesake, is guaranteed to draw a tear to the eye. The Onion may look like a serious newspaper—it formatted and, to first impressions, written like […]