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On the fringes exist soulful whispers

Music has always been very important to me. The moments in my life when I have lacked inspiration have also been lacking in music; to each and every part of my life worth remembering, there is a soundtrack playing. I almost always wake in the mornings with a song playing in my head; the better […]

Me and three

Daily Blog Tips is hosting a competition, and inviting writers to submit a post involving the number three. The following is my entry—can you tell I wrote it in three minutes (give or take an hour)? * * * I have a minor speech impediment involving the number three. For reasons more complex than counting […]

A Momentary Interuption…

Following the experience and recommendation of a fellow blogger, I have taken the plunge, credit card now fully wet, and switched to a new host: Unlimited Domains at HostICan. It certainly wasn’t their “am I an Apple clone or am I a hosting provider?” name that sold me—but what matter name when unlimited sites and […]

Always time for laughter

When not working, and currently not writing, I do at least try to make time for laughing, in this case to J0n Stew@rt and The D@ily Sh0w. Were it not for my conscious efforts to steer clear of politics—for the sake of my spleen and blood pressure, not to mention my reader’s—I would feature clips […]