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Smiling with my eyes

Crazy-eyed or slack-jawed? If you’ve ever struggled to differentiate between the two you’re not alone, as according to a Japanese behavioural scientist, culture is a determining factor as to whether one looks to the eyes or the mouth to interpret facial expressions. According to a recently conducted study, Masaki Yuki of Hokkaido University has confirmed […]

Deserving of Comment

thousandeye, or Alf to his friends, wins this week’s Comment of the Week Award—an all expenses paid link to and mention of his own site—the once semi-flippant and whimsical but fast becoming deep and poetic thousandeye—check out his heart-on-sleeve and words-on-leaves poetry (you’ll understand if you visit) before he becomes famous and haughty (or would […]

Knife fights and personal transformation

I’m officially excited. My personal book of the year, Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, is about to be made into a movie. Hang on a minute—just how many books have I read in the last year? The answer to that is besides the point, as is the fact that Shantaram is some four years old […]

King Sized Heart

A tiny dog with a kingly name and a king-sized heart passed away it was reported recently, and were he human, he would have been buried with a medal. George the Jack Russell terrier died after saving five children from a mauling or worse by two pitbull terriers in the tiny Taranaki, New Zealand township […]

The Good Old Days

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vN1OCrRrgVw I try to avoid politics as a rule. Which is not to say that I am apolitical. Or above an interest in the machinations of rule, or even blind to the massive impact that the powerful have upon our world. But I have learnt, through long, wild-eyed ranting and experience, to put my blood […]

We Don’t Know How Lucky We Are

Sumangali.org’s recent musings on Englishness, or eccentricity really—for the two in this particular instance are painted indistinguishable—has led me directly to ponder come celebrate the woolly-brained, cockamamie qualities of my own nation, perhaps not so distant in heart from England—all be we as distant as it is possible geographically. Not so distant in blood either. […]

Touched my heart of stone

This video, although it has been around for a while, is getting a lot of attention on the inter-web right now, and amusingly, under the title (paraphrased for sensitive readers) “If the end of this video doesn’t make you feel good, you may be cold and heartless.” It’s true actually—the story of an autistic, highschool […]