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Bad, bad, so very bad…

I’ve been avoiding doing this for a while. Almost ten years in fact. It has been a decade since I first discovered poetry—probably a little later than most in truth. No longer an angst ridden teenager but still angst ridden, I was in my early twenties and the right side of a university arts degree—not […]

Writing like a girl

I guess it must be some kind of pre-historic remnant from an earlier, sexist age—implying that a male does something“like a girl” be necessarily an insult. But merited or not, I’m taking the fact that I officially write like a girl in my stride. Which doesn’t mean, to excuse a cliché or three, that I […]

Afraid of Women

The switched on narrator of this electrifying look into the life of a high voltage cable inspector is almost as entertaining as the footage shot from helicopter, laconically relating the ins and outs of a“not for hot dogs” every day job: “There’s only three things I’ve ever been afraid of: electricity, heights, and women. And […]

Losing my mind (and other more important things)

It’s official—I am losing my mind. Full-blown amnesia and premature dementia have been threatening to break out for a while now, and in their milder, meditation-relaxation induced forms, welcome even—refreshing change from fastidious, check the door is locked twice anxiety of long gone but not long forgotten younger, highly strung days. Sure I may never […]

So he goes

Kurt Vonnegut died several days ago. I was planning to write something in commemoration, and have been staring at a New York Times Books section obituary-commemoration piece for several days now to this effect, but the shameful truth is I have never actually read one of his books, and thus am poorly qualified. There is […]

A Weekend with David Lynch

Bente Loevhaug, Project Manager for the upcoming David Lynch Weekend got in touch to let me know that, and the title is kind of a give-away here, David Lynch—as in the famous film-maker and perhaps not so famous meditator—is hosting a special weekend next month, subtitled“Exploring the frontiers of consciousness, creativity and the brain.” Personally […]

United we sit

It must have been a joke, because the airline meal I am served between Sydney and San Francisco could not have been made seriously. Worse than a joke, actually, considering I paid almost two and a half thousand dollars for a meal that cost mere cents to make. I will think long and hard about […]