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Snapped back? Charles Arthur responds

I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for when I installed snap.com’s SPA (Snap Preview Anywhere, better known as just“Snap”) plugin just over a week ago. I had seen it elsewhere and thought it cool—perhaps naively—although I do make a living amongst other things as a front-end developer, and should know a little […]

Kiteflying can kill?

A story currently in the news about kite-flying (see below) reminded me that I actually used to know some kite-fliers once. I guess that’s not so strange—many people fly kites I am sure, and for all I know my neighbours could be enthusiasts—but back in High School it seemed like an unusual thing to do […]

Life is but a dream…

Serendipity: Thanks, Horace Walpole by Sumangali Morhall has left me reaching for superlatives and floundering in imitation. A total of two mentions to this web diary? Flattered beyond due, how could I not be effusive in my praise! On the topic of serendipity, still, I am reminded of a friend from very long ago, an […]

Snap make the case for Snap Preview Anywhere

I wasn’t expecting a response when I reposted Charles Arthur’s review of SPA’s Snap website add-on, and certainly not within the hour, but get a response I did, and directly from SPA themselves. A sign of sensitivity? Desperation? Or even astroturfing as one commenter suggested—the top down manufacturing of the appearance of a grassroots movement, […]


From the pages of the Guardian. I’m having second thoughts about Snap now… Is Snap Preview the most hated Web 2.0 function ever? Charles Arthur Thursday February 22, 2007 We certainly haven’t seen anything to match the outpourings of bile that have followed the wannabe search engine’s little page previews, which appear on a number […]

Best goal celebration ever!

Craig Bellamy, striker for English Premier League football side Liverpool, is said to be a person who crystallises opinion. In a League where larger than life is a way of life, everybody either loves our hates the diminutive, fiery former goal-scorer for Blackburn. And just to prove my afore-mentioned maxim: after Bellamy’s latest on-field exploits, […]

Elmore Leonard’s Top Ten Writing Tips

I have just finished writing an article on crime novel author Elmore Leonard’s top ten writing tips, tips which I discovered, and here comes that word again, quite serendipitously after stumbling across a page about George Orwell on the same site. Now I should admit to raving fans of Get Shorty or Maximum Bob that […]