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Always time for laughter

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When not working, and currently not writing, I do at least try to make time for laughing, in this case to J0n Stew@rt and The D@ily Sh0w. Were it not for my conscious efforts to steer clear of politics—for the sake of my spleen and blood pressure, not to mention my reader’s—I would feature clips like this more often, although admittedly I might have to change my name to A Sensitivity to Shouting at Things

In something of a classic episode, approaching the highpoints of humour reached consistently several years ago, watch D@ily Sh0w resident expert J0hn Hodgm@n a.k.a.“I’m a P.C.” poke holes big enough to drive a bus load of migrants through in the arguments against immigration, and watch it quickly, before Vi@com and the DMCA conspire to take the clip down (no-one tell them it was me who uploaded it to YouTube ok?).

Who said Americans can’t do irony? (I think it was me actually…)

Update: Vi@com DMCA’ed me less than 24 hours after posting the clip—hence my“spelling” above and use of the very handy Anarchy Media Player WordPress plugin.

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2 replies on “Always time for laughter”

Hi John. Humour is a great way to deal with politics isn’t it?! I myself love to make fun of the Americans (although usually I do it silently in the form of laughing to myself), but what’s even funner is when American’s make fun of themselves! Sometimes things are so out of hand that humour really is the best remedy.

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