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windowThere’s something to this meme thing. Dinner from a can is so much easier than chopped, boiled and strained, and whether ready-lifted from the shelves of another or in a packet, I’ll take my inspiration where I can, especially in times when words home-made are rare.

Camille of Now wrote recently of a Favourite Post 2007 meme doing the rounds, and not wanting to miss a band-wagon ripe for the jumping, I am getting on board. The meme in question is rather self-explanatory: name your favourite web diary posting of the year to date.

I could nominate a number of posts by a multitude of authors, but one in particular jostles for pre-eminence in mind, a story by David Raho on his most excellent bog The First Word, which by the way I have the very small distinction of discovering before he hit the big time: Lucy the Girl in the Window. 698 points on can’t be wrong.

Actually they could be. Somewhat missing the spirit of the post, and its authors’ increasingly weary comments, several members of reddit started trying to piece together the identity of the girl. But you’ll have to read the story to know what that means.

To those not nominated, no insult intended or should be taken—I actually like far too many other writers and their postings to even begin to do them justice, which leads me to wonder if a“What I have been reading, enjoying, stealing from and forgetting to thank recently” update could be in the works.

Incidentally, is this the Oscars? Why are we choosing the best blog post of 2007 at the start of the year!

Getting over myself and with the spirit of things, I’ve joyfully embraced all things meme—Thirteen Interesting Facts About Me as a Child one of the most entertaining to write posts yet, hopefully entertaining to read as well—and even inspiring a sequel.

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