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A friend of mine has just started a new site for writing and blogging advice:

A prolific writer, he turns out articles at the rate I write paragraphs, putting words on the page faster than a competitive road cyclist cycles—his main, off-line pursuit. Ok, so that last analogy was a little forced, but I’m sure I’ll learn a better turn of phrase by reading his very instructive, new blog.

Only a week old, NetWriting is already shaping to be invaluable resource for bloggers and online writers, possessing a wealth of tips to increase a site’s search engine ranking and readership.

To the credit of this profuse writer, he is not satisfied with his current, super-human standard, and has pledged publicly to improve his own writing, as stated on his site:

“I am very interested in learning grammar and proper punctuation. I do not claim to be an expert – far from it! But quite often, to learn about something, it is helpful to write on the subject for yourself.”

Which is eminently practical, and also broad-minded, seeing as he is probably long over getting notes from me about missing commas and unwieldy sentences…

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By Jaitra

Jaitra is a New York based designer with a love of writing and a practise of meditation. A member of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre, he attempted poetry once and keeps on practicing writing.

3 replies on “Putting the World Write”

Thanks for providing this site in your feed, I have been checking it out. I wrote a poem about my hits in the last week or so. It was fun to think of who was looking at my blog.

Hi John,

Thanks for the write up and leaving comments on the new blog.

I am grateful when people take the time to point out grammatical errors, I usually try to amend them.

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