Putting the World Write

A friend of mine has just started a new site for writing and blogging advice: www.netwriting.co.uk.

A prolific writer, he turns out articles at the rate I write paragraphs, putting words on the page faster than a competitive road cyclist cycles—his main, off-line pursuit. Ok, so that last analogy was a little forced, but I’m sure I’ll learn a better turn of phrase by reading his very instructive, new blog.

Only a week old, NetWriting is already shaping to be invaluable resource for bloggers and online writers, possessing a wealth of tips to increase a site’s search engine ranking and readership.

To the credit of this profuse writer, he is not satisfied with his current, super-human standard, and has pledged publicly to improve his own writing, as stated on his site:

“I am very interested in learning grammar and proper punctuation. I do not claim to be an expert – far from it! But quite often, to learn about something, it is helpful to write on the subject for yourself.”

Which is eminently practical, and also broad-minded, seeing as he is probably long over getting notes from me about missing commas and unwieldy sentences…

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