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Why are they dressed as ghosts?

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Currently doing the rounds on the blogosphere and rating highly at is the following image from Canon City, Colorado, 1926—one assumes not a hotbed of culture and intelligence.


More than the photo itself, my sense of the absurd was aroused by the following comment:

Why are they dressed as ghosts?!

A comment possibly, hopefully made in all sincerity, I savoured it for a moment, imagining the childlike innocence required to see the world this way, thinking our world a better place if such an innocence really exists.

On the other hand it could be the work of a playful, albeit darkly shaded sense of humour, and that would almost be just as good.

But what if they were ghosts? What a nice world that would be!

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By Jaitra

Jaitra is a New York based designer with a love of writing and a practise of meditation. A member of the Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre, he attempted poetry once and keeps on practicing writing.

2 replies on “Why are they dressed as ghosts?”

And perhaps there is some value in seeing the world as a beautiful place when at times it patently is not? In tricking yourself into childhood again? I believe the film “Life is Beautiful” touched upon this, although I could never bring myself to watch it—after a year studying German cinema I am still very much over films on that topic—no matter how good they are…

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